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(Phases and Tides)


~ Moon Phases ~

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New - Waxing Crescent - First Quarter - Waxing Gibbous - Full - Waning Gibbous - Last Quarter - Waning Crescent


FYI: One Moon Phase Cycle = 29.5 days


Phases of the Moon:


Crescent Moon

(Croissant Moon)

Quarter Moon

1/4 = 25%

"What you see...

is a quarter of me."

Gibbous Moon

(Football Moon)


Click here: Phases of the Moon Webquest / Song



Waxing: > Increasing Illumination - Growing Moon
Waning: < Decreasing Illumination - Shrinking Moon


Wane: Light on the Left /// Wax: Light on the Right


Energizer Bunny and Man on the Moon...

Man on the Moon: Compare the images of the moon on the left and right.

The Energizer Bunny on the Moon

Do you see the Energizer Bunny on the moon below?

Above: The "Near Side" of the Moon


Below: The "Far Side" of the Moon

Our moon is gravitationally locked with Earth due to its egg shape.

We therefore see the same "Near Side" of the moon at all times.

The moon revolves once around Earth in 27.3 days.

The moon rotates once on its axis in 27.3 days.

Click here: For an Explanation

Above: False Color Image of the "Far Side" of the Moon

Elevation (low to high): purple - blue - green - yellow - orange - red - white



The Moon Size Illusion:

Have you ever noticed that sometimes the moon seems HUGE in the sky,

but other times it looks much smaller?

Here's why...

Your eyes play a trick with your brain.

Which is bigger?
Which is longer?

Why does the moon seem bigger when it is low in the sky, near the horizon?

Click here: Optical Moon Illusion: The Ponzo lllusion



Click here: Perigee Super Moon



Below: The Moon's orbit around the Earth is not circular, but elliptical.

Apogee: When the moon is the farthest away from the Earth (406,583 km)

Perigee: When the moon is the closest to Earth (356,575 km)

Click here for: Apogee and Perigee


Myth Busters...

Click here for: Moon Myths M



Click here for: Explanation of "Once in a Blue Moon"

Myth Busted: During a "Blue Moon" the moon turns a blue color. (wrong)


Capture your own "Moon Moment" for extra credit!


Myth Busted: The moon is made of cheese. (wrong)

"Look Gromit, the moon is made of cheese!" (sorry)


Fromage is Cheese in French!



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~ All About Tides ~

Question: Does the moon's gravitational pull cause tides?

Answer: No...The Sun and Moon's gravity causes tides on Earth!

Click here: B&W Retro Tide Film

Click here: Biscuit-Pickled Onion-Orange Tide Film

Click here: 18.6 Year Cycle: Lunar Standstill

Question: Why do we have tides on Earth?

Answer: The Sun and Moon's gravity pull on Earth's ocean waters...

causing ocean "tidal bulges."


Below: Low Tide and High Tide


High and Low Tide Zones

Most Extreme Tides on Earth: Bay of Fundy, Nova Scotia


~ Spring and Neap Tides ~

Note: The term "Spring Tide" is misleading.

It has nothing to do with the season of spring.

Spring Tides & Neap Tides

Extreme Spring Tide: Occurs when the Sun - Earth - Moon are alligned.

( Spring Tides: occur during the New Moon and Full Moon phases )


Weak Neap Tide: Occurs when the Sun - Earth - Moon are at right angles.

( Neap Tides: occur during the First Quarter Moon and Third Quarter Moon phases )


Above and Below: Spring tide allignment of the Sun - Earth - Moon.

Remember: Spring is Strong, Neap is Weak


Extreme Spring Tides: Sun-Earth-Moon in a line.

Weak Neap Tides: Sun-Earth-Moon at a right angle.