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The Amazing Tea (Cookie) Paper Demonstration

"C is for Cookie."

"But I also like vegetables. V is for Veggie."

Lazzaroni Amaretti Di Saronno Gourmet Cookies

(Imported from Italy)


Sugar, Apricot Kernels, Egg Whites



Important Safety Note for Students:

Do not use fire without adult permission and supervision.


Below: A map of Italy

Below: The flag of Italy


The movie, Big Night, features a scene where the Amaretto cookie paper is lit on fire.




What did they do to the wrappers?!?!

December 25, 2008

By John Kelly

My family has enjoyed these cookies for more than a decade, and at our Christmas Eve dinner, we brought them out at the usual time, and started with the annual tradition of "flying angels." For those of you not familiar with these cookies, if you wrap them in a cylinder, and light the top, when the fire reaches the base, the wrapper shoots up in the air. It's actually quite a bit of fun.

So imagine our surprise this year when NONE of the wrappers would fly. We compared old wrappers and new, and SOMETHING has changed about the wrappers. Whether it's wax, weight, or something else, none would fly for us (and we have an awful lot of people who are experienced with this).

So, if you're a fan of these cookies, and the fun tradition that's sprung up around them, I caution you, you may not be able to enjoy them this year as you have done in the past.

Click here: Burning Cookie Paper Video

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Bigelow and Celestial Seasonings tea bags also behave in a similar way.

Try it sometime...

...but only with adult permission and supervision!



Bigelow Tea Ingredients:

  • Black Tea
  • Spices
  • Natural Flavors (soy lecithin)




Other things that behave similar to the "Flying Paper"

1. Hot Air Balloons

2. Model Rockets

3. Campfire Cinders

4. Lanterns from the film "Tangled"

Stage One Below:

Cookie Paper Burns Downward

Stage Two Below:

Flaming Cookie Paper Flies Upward

Below: Copy of Letter from Amaretto Cookie Company to CMS, circa1991