Term 2 Homework - 2010/2011

(Note: All assignments are due in the following class unless otherwise specified.)

Message to students of America, "Use your thinking caps!"

Think, think out of the Box.

Keep an open mind.

What's up in Space...

Click here: Spaceweather / Astronomy Picture of the Day / Google Sky

Our Dynamic Earth- Plate Tectonics in Action...

Click here: NY Times - Cause of the Sendai Japan Quake and Tsunami

(Please disregard rumors that Godzilla was the cause!)

Click here: Plates Shifted and Earth's Axis Tilted as a Result of Equake

Earthquakes often cause breakage of underground natural gas and water pipes.

Click here: YouTube A / YouTube B / YouTube C / YouTube D / YouTube E

Click here: Learn About the Science of Tsunamis

Above Image: real or "photoshopped?"

Tsunami ("harbor wave") caused by:

A) underwater earthquakes, B) asteroid impacts or C) landslides.


Click here: Nuclear Power Plant Meltdown Watch in Japan

Click here: How Nuclear Power Works

Nuclear Fission Power Plant - Generates Electricity using Radioactive Chemicals

Sendai, Japan (3/11/11) - Tsunami & Earthquake: 9.0 on the Richter Scale

Click here: Sendai, Japan Equake / Richter Scale / Tsunami / Learn about Quakes

Happy Vernal Equinox (First Day of Spring)...Sunday, March 20th.

Click here: Create a Cyber Flower Garden / Vernal Equinox / Equinox Image / Egg Myth

Happy Vernal Equinox on Sunday, March 20th. Special Full Moon on Saturday, March 19th.

Friday, March 18 - Term 2 ends today. Grades close today.

Happy Saint Patrick's Day...Thursday, March 17th.

Thursday, March 17 - Click here: Moon Myths.

Wednesday, March 16 - Complete "Phases of the Moon" lab and also "How Does the Moon Move" lab.

Tuesday, March 15 - Observe the moon and fill in the moon observation handout.

Monday, March 14 - No homework.

Click here: Current Moon Phase Website with Great Links

Friday, March 11 - Read one article (on the internet or in a newspaper) about the Japanese earthquake.

Thursday, March 10 - Complete questions # 21 - 45 on Noteform 1-3: Phases, Eclipses and Tides.

Wednesday, March 9 - Complete questions # 1 - 20 on Noteform 1-3: Phases, Eclipses and Tides.

Tuesday, March 8 - No homework.

Monday, March 7 - No homework.

Next week: Sun-Earth-Moon

Friday, March 4 - No homework this weekend.

Thursday, March 3 - Active Inspire flipchart / alien presentations continue...

Wednesday, March 2 - BRING your 3-D ALIENS to SCHOOL TODAY. Presentations begin...

Tuesday, March 1 - Aliens due tomorrow!!!

Monday, February 28 - Finish making your alien.

Click here: Solar System / Sun / Planets / Moons

Click here: Asteroid Belt / Kuiper Belt / Oort Cloud &Comets

Click here: Animal Adaptation / Alien Project / Mars 500 in the news

NOTE: Aliens will be due on Wednesday, March 2nd.

Friday, February 18 - Try to finish making your 3-D alien by the end of February vacation.

Thursday, February 17 - Continue making your 3-D alien.

Wednesday, February 16 - Start making your 3-D alien!!!

Tuesday, February 15 - Gather supplies to make your 3-D alien action figure / plush toy / model.

Monday, February 14 - Complete the 3-D Alien Supply List worksheet.

Click here: Happy Valentine's Day

Science in the News : New Planet System Discovered - Kepler-11 / Image of Kepler-11

Friday, February 11 - Finish the Alien Adaptation worksheet and draw your alien on a separate piece of paper. Be sure to label your drawing with arrows and body part descriptions.

Thursday, February 10 - Complete Noteform 3-6: Is There Life Beyond Earth?

Wednesday, February 9 - Complete Noteform 3-5: Comets, Asteroids and Meteors.

Tuesday, February 8 - Complete Noteform 3-4: The Outer Planets.

Monday, February 7 - Complete Noteform 3-3: The Inner Planets.

Friday, February 4 - No homework this weekend.

Thursday, February 3 - Complete Noteform 3-2: The Sun.

Wednesday, February 2 - SNOW DAY - no school today.

Tuesday, February 1 - Complete Noteform 3-1: Observing the Solar System. (Pop Quiz today)

Monday, January 31 - Complete Read 1-2: Gravity and Motion, in your textbook, pages 16 - 19 .

Click here: The Life Cycle of a Star / Atoms & Elements / Birth of the Elements / Black Holes

Friday, January 28 - NO SCHOOL TODAY - Teacher Professional Day.

Thursday, January 27 - SNOW DAY - no school today.

Wednesday, January 26 - Read the Black Holes packet.

Tuesday, January 25 - No homework tonight.

Monday, January 24 - Complete Surfin' Safari: Black Holes.

Friday, January 21 - SNOW DAY - no school today.

Thursday, January 20 - No homework again.

Wednesay, January 19 - No homework tonight.

Tuesday, January 18 - Sorry, no homework.

Monday, January 17 - No school today: Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

Friday, January 14 - Life of a Star Skit today. No homework this loooooooooong weekend.

Thursday, January 13 - Complete Surfin' Safari: Atoms & Elements plus Birth of the Elements.

Wednesday, January 12 - SNOW DAY - no school today.

Tuesday, January 11 - Gather supplies for your skit and bring them to class by Friday.

Monday, January 10 - Complete Surfin' Safari: The Life Cycle of a Star. Click here: Stages / Facts

Click here: Ask an Astronomer about the 2012 Winter Solstice

Click here: Zodiac Revision - Find your NEW Zodiac Sign

New Zodiac Signs:

Capricorn: Jan. 20 - Feb. 16

Aquarius: Feb. 16 - March 11

Pisces: March 11 - April 18

Aries: April 18 - May 13

Taurus: May 13 - June 21

Gemini: June 21 - July 20

Cancer: July 20 - August 10

Leo: August 10 - September 16

Virgo: September 16 - October 30

Libra: October 30 - November 23

Scorpio: November 23 - November 29

Ophiuchus: November 29 - December 17

Sagittarius: December 17 - January 20


Click here: Cool photos from the ISS (thanks Caroline)

Click here: Ten Year Old Girl Discovers Supernova!

Above: Star Swirl around Polaris, the North Star

Concord, MA - 36 Minute Exposure (thanks Maya C.)

Friday, January 7 - STAR LOG PACKET DUE ON MONDAY, JANUARY 10th. (3 entries)

Thursday, January 6 - Complete Noteform 4-3: Lives of Stars.

Wednesday, January 5 - No homework. Reminder: Star Log due next Monday.

Tuesday, January 4 - No homework. Reminder: Star Log due next Monday.

Monday, January 3 - Constellation presentations today. No homework tonight.


Try star gazing on a clear night...

Above: Winter Star Chart (starting Dec. 21)

Introducing...The 88 Constellations

Click here: Student Web Pages / The 88 Constellations

Click here: Greek Myths / Mythology / Multi-Cultural Star Myths

Click here: Star Tales / Greek Star Myths / Legends of the Constellations

Web Surfin' Safari:

Click here: Star Surfin: Constellations / Mallorca Constellation Search

Click here: NASA Lucky Stars Cootie Catcher / Uncle Al's Replacement Sky Wheel

Click here: Ursa Major: The Big Dipper / Ursa Minor: Polaris: The North Star / Mobile

Click here: Find the Big Dipper Video / Jack's Stargazer Videos / Orion the Hunter / Chart

Click here: Astro Viewer / Dibonsmith Constellations / Planetarium Pictures / Google Sky

Click here: Hawaiian Deepsky Atlas / Astrosurf Constellations / Constellations by Month

Click here: Enchanted Learning Constellations / Astrowisc Constellations and Stars

Friday, December 24 - NO SCHOOL TODAY. WINTER BREAK VACATION BEGINS. (Clear skies Tues. eve)

Thursday, December 23 - Star Gaze over vacation. Fill in the Star Log Worksheets. (Due Jan. 10)

Wednesday, December 22 - Constellation presentation tomorrow. Pick five fun facts to share.

Tuesday, December 21 - Winter Solstice today (shortest day of the year).

* HOMEWORK: Complete the "Three more Fun Facts about my Constellation" handout.

Monday, December 20 - Lunar Eclipse will occur overnight while you sleep. Zzzzzzzz.

* HOMEWORK: Complete the "Three Fun Facts about my Constellation" handout.

Above: December Lunar Eclipse 2010

Click here: Lunar Eclipse Animation / Sun, Earth and Moon / You Tube Video


Note: The eclipse will occur on the date of the Winter Solstice.

Above: Autumn Star Chart (prior to Dec. 21)

Friday, December 17 - Homework: Decide by Monday which constellation you want to research.

Also, DO A STAR LOG ENTRY TONIGHT (FRIDAY): Only clear weather night this week.

Thursday, December 16 - Complete Noteform 4-2: Characteristics of Stars.

Wednesday, December 15 - ASTRONOMY TEST TODAY.

Tuesday, December 14 - Study for the ASTRONOMY TEST tomorrow. Review study guide.

FYI: Geminid Meteor Shower Monday and Tuesday night. Watch for "shooting stars."

FYI: Geminid Meteor Shower Monday and Tuesday night. Watch for "shooting stars."



Friday, December 10 - Have a nice weekend. STAR LAB ON MONDAY!

Thursday, December 9 - No homework.

Wednesday, December 8 - No homework. BRING A COAT TO CLASS TODAY.

Tuesday, December 7 - Complete Noteform 4-1: Telescopes.

REMEMBER to bring a COAT to class tomorrow!!!

Click here: The Electromagnetic Spectrum / Telescopes

Monday, December 6 - Surfin' Safari: The Electromagnetic Spectrum. (Surf for min. of 20 min.)

Click here: The Big Bang

Surf the Big Bang link above.

Friday, December 3 - No weekend homework.

Thursday, December 2 - NO SCHOOL TODAY: Parent Conference Day.

Wednesday, December 1 - No homework tonight.

Tuesday, November 30 - Complete "Surfin' Safari" for the Big Bang webpage above.

Monday, November 29 - Complete Noteform 4-5: The Expanding Universe.

Above: Smashing Galaxies!

Take the Universe with a Grain of Salt

Click here: Our Galactic Carousel

Click here: Give Thanks / Global Village / Foods We Eat / Grocery Store Wars

Wednesday, November 24 - Maroon and Gold Day - Half Day - Happy Thanksgiving

Tuesday, November 23 - No homework tonight.

Monday, November 22 - Read pages 141 - 145 in your textbook. Complete Noteform 4-4: Star Systems and Galaxies.