~ Lepus the Rabbit~

Ten "Fun Facts" About my Constellation:

1. Lepus was believed to be the prey of Orion.
2. Hind's Crimson Star is a long-period variable of a deep red color.
3. Lepus is Latin for hare.
4. Lepus was one of the 48 constellations listed by the 1st century astronomer Ptolemy.
5. Lepus was placed in the sky for Orion's benefit.
6. Lepus represents the hare so often associated with the moon.
7. Lepus Is located near the horizon in the winter.
8. Arabs saw it as the "throne of the central one".
9. Lepus is often ignored, as Orion is such a dominating constellation.
10. The greeks named this constellation.


Myth Associated with Lepus the rabbit:

The constellation Orion injoyed hunting, and it happened to be that rabbits, like lepus, were his favorite prey. The reason why lepus is so close to the Orion constellation is because lepus is hypothetically beleived to be "Dead" at Orions feet.


~ Lepus's Image Gallery ~

Lepus at the feet of Orion.


Winter night skies including Lepus.


Lepus in the night sky.

List of other constellations that surround this one:

  • Orion the hunter
  • Canis major
  • Eridanus
  • Canis minor
  • Taurus

Lepus the rabbit is a Winter Constellation.

Lepus the rabbit is not a Circumpolar Constellation,

and therefore notvisible during all four seasons.

Winter Sky Chart for Lepus the rabbit.

Lepus the rabbit is a Northern constellation.

Lepis the Rabbit Includes These Stars and Deep Space Objects:

List of Stars in this Constellation List of Deep Space Objects in this Constellation
1. Arneb 1. Globular cluster M79
2. Gamma Leporis 2. spiral galaxies
3. Nihal 3.

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