~ Canis Major the Great Dog ~

Ten "Fun Facts" About Canis Major:

It has Sirius the brightest star in the sky.
It is in the position to hunt Lepus and/or Tuarus.
There is a double star system in Canis Major.
Represented Laelaps, a dog whom it's prey could not out run it.
Only seven stars in Canis Major are named.
Canis Major can be viewed in many different ways.
Orion is right nex to Canis Major.
Canis Major is also known the big hunting dog.
Canis Major can be found easily in the winter sky.
Canis Major has a little puppy fallowing him around everywhere.


Myth or Legend Associated with my Constellation:

one of the myths of canis major is that he was out hunting with orion and he was sent to catch lepus the rabbit. but instead of catching lepus he bumped into Zeus. Zeus got very angry and punished them by sending them to the sky.
Laelaps as a dog who could catch anything it set its mind to. Laelaps had many of owners. one of his owners, Cephalus brought him to a town where there was a fox. Laelaps went after the fox and could not catch it. Zeus turned them to stone and put Laelaps in the sky as Canis Major in honor of Laelaps.


~ Image Gallery ~

This shows what light pollution does to canis major and his fellow constellations.


This is another kind of way to see Canis Major.


This an artists view of Canis Major next to a Bernese Mountian Dog.

List of other constellations that surround Canis Major:

  • Orion
  • Lepus
  • Canis Minor
  • Puppis
  • Columba
  • Monoceros

The Canis Major Constellation is a Winter Season Constellation.

The Canis Major Constellation is not a Circumpolar Constellation.

Winter Sky Chart for the Constellation: Canis Major

The Canis Major constellation is a Northern constellation.

Above: Celestial Sphere

The Constellation, Canis Major, includes the following Stars and Deep Space Objects:

List of Stars in this Constellation List of Deep Space Objects in this Constellation 

1.SIRIUS (Alpha CMa)

1. Open Cluster
2.Murzim (Beta CMa)  
3.Muliphen (Gamma CMa)  
4.Wezen (Delta CMa) .
5.ADARA (Epsilon CMa)  

6.Furud (Zeta CMa)

7.Aludra (Eta CMa)


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