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Ten "Fun Facts" About my Constellation:

Three of it'e star's have planets.
2 It's usualy so faint that you can't see it
3 The constellation has been known as "The Boat" by the Arabs, then it became an eagle or other type of bird, so Bayer's decision to call it a phoenix does have some historical beginnings.
4 The Phoenix is featured in Harry Potter
5 It's part of the 12 bayer constalations.

Myth or Legend Associated with my Constellation:

The Phoenix is a Mythical Songbird that lived on aromatic herbs such as cinnamon, frankincense and myrrh. Every 500 years, It builds a nest out of It's ashes, and then burns up (burn, baby burn). It then is born again from the ashes as a baby. It then grows again, and at 475 years It begins to get old and starts to wither up.and at 500 years, It does the same thing again. When It is mature (25-475 years), It has gold and crimson plumadge. The Phoenix is featured in Chinies, Indian, and egiption cultures.

The Phoenix has been featured in Harry Potter as Fawx, Dumbledores pet. Enstead of burning up every 500 years, It burns up every 100 years.When Dumbledre dies, Fawx disapears, but he may have whent to the sky, and turned into Phoenix the Firebird, with alittle help from dumbledore.

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List of other constellations that surround this one:

  • Sculptor
  • Grus
  • Tucana
  • Hydrus (corner)
  • Eridanus
  • Fornax

My Constellation is a Summer Season Constellation.

My Constellation is not a Circumpolar Constellation (and therefore visible during all four seasons).

My constellation is a Southern constellation.

The Constellation (Fill in the Blank) includes the following Stars and Deep Space Objects:

List of Stars in this Constellation
List of Deep Space Objects in this Constellation
1. Beta Phe
2. HD 6434  
3. HD 2039  
4. WASP - 5  
5. WASP - 4  
6. HE0107 - 5240 (anc  
[We opologise for the lack of interesting names]

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