~Hydra ~


Ten "Fun Facts" About Hydra:

hydra is also known as the sea serpent.
Despite it's size hydra only has one bright star, Alphard

It takes 6 hours to rise

best seen in april around 9:00 pm
largest of the 88 constellation
it is also known as Sigma
Also known as Hydrea
hydra means water serpent
hydra is is one of the only constellations with two myth about it
viewing season spring


The Myth of Hydra


Hydra resembles the the twisting water snake that crow served apollo in a greek legend


~ Image Gallery ~

this is a picture of hydra the water snake


this is what the greeks thought of hydra


this a connect the dots image of hydra

List of other constellations that surround this one:

  • virgo
  • libra
  • leo
  • corvus

My Constellation is a Spring Season Constellation.

My Constellation is not a Circumpolar Constellation

(and therefore not visible during the spring season)

SpSSeasSprional Sky Chart for the Constellation: (fill in the blank)

My constellation is a Northern constellation

Above: Celestial Sphere

The Constellation (Fill in the Blank) includes the following Stars and Deep Space Objects:

Stars Deep space objects
1. Aphard 1.southern pinwheel
2. HR 4458 2.M68
3.R Hydrae 3.M83
4.Eplison Hydrae 4.M48
5.arc seconds 5.
6.minarajua 6.

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