~Delphinus the Dolphin~

Ten "Fun Facts" About my Constellation:

The 4 main stars in Delphinus form a rectangle called "Job's Coffin"
The early Christians saw Delphinus as the Cross of Jesus
Arabs call Delphinus Al Ka' vd- the riding camel
Delphinus is Latin for dolphin
Delphinus was one of the 48 constellations listed by 1st century astronomer Ptolemy
Delphinus is very small- it is ranked 69th in size out of all 88 constellations
St Delphinus was the Bishop of Bordeaux, France
The names of the two brightest stars in Delphinus, when read backward, form the name Nicolaus Venator, the assistant director of an observatory at one time

The common dolphin is know as Delphinus delphis


There are over 20 distinct species of Delphinus genus (common dolphin)

~Myth about Delphinus~

Poseidon was the God of the Sea. Even though he had many casual love affairs, when he set ou to find a wife, he was concerned that she would be accustomed to life in the sea. His first choice, Thetis (one of the fifty sea nymphs at his court), but he then learned that any son born of thetis would grow to be more powerful/greater than his father. Poseidon,the great God of the Sea, could obviously not accept this prophecy. His next choice of marriage was one of Thetis's sisters, Amphitrite. But when Poseidon asked her to marry him, she was disgusted and fled to the far away Atlas Mountain. poseidon sent many messengers to try to persuade her to be his Queen. The one messanger that succeeded was Delphinus the dolphin. Amphitrite became Queen of the Sea, and she had many children with Poseidon. Delphinus was later put in the heavens as a constellation by a grateful Poseidon.



~ Image Gallery ~

The Stars in the Delphinus Constellation


Delphinus surrounded by fellow constellations


Delphinus in the sky

List of other constellations that surround Delphinus:

  • Pegasus the flying horse
  • Cygnus the swan
  • Andromenda the princess
  • Aquila the eagle

My Constellation is a Fall Constellation.

My Constellation is not a Circumpolar Constellation, which means it is not visible during all four seasons.

Seasonal Sky Chart for the Constellation Delphinus

My constellation is a Northern constellatioin

Above: Celestial Sphere

The Constellation Delphinus includes the following Stars and Deep Space Objects:

List of Stars in this Constellation List of Deep Space Objects in this Constellation
1. Betea Delphini (Rotanev) 1. NGC 6934 - Globular Cluster
2. Alpha Delphini (Sualocin) 2. NGC 7006- Globular Cluster
3. Gamma Delphini- double star 3. NGC 6905- Planetary nebula
4. Deta Delphini 4. NGC 6891- Planetary nebula
5. Epsilon Delphini 5. A number of very dim galaxies
6. 6.

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~ Delphinus Extras ~

Can you find seven dolphins in the picture above?







Delphinus's cousins even inspired a football team... The Miami Dolphins!

Can you recognize it in the picture below?


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