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~ Volcanoes: Part I ~

~ Introduction ~

Bill Nycano

Deadliest Eruptions

(( Active - Dormant - Extinct ))

Global Volcanism Program / Volcano Under the City

Top Ten List-Worst Volcanoes in History / Volcano Fun Facts

Discovery Channel Super Volcano / USGS Volcano / NOVA Volcano

Virtual Build-a-Volcano / The Volcano Maker / Volcano Videos / Volcano Hazards

(Did you know: There are approximately 550 active volcanoes on Earth today.)

~ Volcano Terminology ~

Active: A volcano that will likely erupt again in the future.

Dormant: A "sleeping" volcano that may erupt again.

Extinct: A volcano that will never erupt again.

>> Magma Chamber, Crater, Vent, Cone, Bomb, Pyroclastic Flow, Ash Cloud <<

>> Acid Rain, Cinders, Lahar, Landslide, Sill, Dike, Dome, Tephra, Lava Flow <<

~ The Pacific Ring of Fire ~

The Pacific Ring of Fire:

The oceanic crust of the Pacific Plate subducts underneath surrounding continental plates, causing a circular ring of earthquakes and volcanoes around its border.

FYI: Over 75% of all volcanoes are located on the Pacific "Ring of Fire"

Click here: Ring of Fire Song by Johnny Cash




Subduction Zone Volcanoes:

Subduction is the process by which an oceanic plate is pushed down beneath a continental plate, causing the formation of deep sea trenches and volcanoes.



Ring of Fire / Archive of Recent Eruptions Around the World / Volcano Live

World Map - Active Volcanoes Shown in RED


~ Types of Volcanoes ~

Types of Volcanoes / Composite & Cinder Cone & Shield / A-Z List of Volcanoes


~ 4 Types of Volcanoes ~

1. Hot Spot Caldera Volcanoes:

( the most violent and explosive eruption style )

Caldera / Yellowstone / Yellowstone Supervolcano

Super Volcano - Discovery / Sci Show does Yellowstone

Above: Yellowstone National Park Caldera Eruption (simulated)

Hot Spot Caldera: Megasupervolcano!

Yellowstone National Park Caldera

"I don't know where I'm a gonna go...when the volcano blow." - Jimmy Buffett

Massachusetts may be a safe zone if Yellowstone erupts.

2. Shield Volcanoes:

( Kilauea in Hawaii is the #1 most active shield volcano in the world )

Anatomy of a Shield Volcano: Quiet "Hawaiian Style" Eruption

Can you notice the profile of an upsidedown warrior's shield?

Below: Mount Kilauea, Hawaii

Shield Volcanoes

Question: What is the biggest (shield) volcano in our Solar System?

Answer: Olympus Mons (on planet Mars)

Above and Below: Olympus Mons shown with Mount Everest and Mauna Kea (for scale)

3. Cinder Cone Volcanoes:

( most abundant type of volcano in the world / least deadly & destrucive type of volcano )

Cinder Cone Volcanoes


Cinder Cone volcanoes look a little like ice cream cones.

What is your favorite flavor of cinder cone?

4. Composite (Strato) Volcanoes:

( most violent and deadly mountain style volcano / has all eruption hazards )

Most Stratovolcanoes are so high in elevation, that they are snow-capped.

Stomboli (below) Stratovolcano in Italy is the #1 most active volcano on Earth.

Composite Stratovolcanoes erupt with both lava and ash.

Composite (Strato) Volcanoes

Types of Volcanic Eruptions:

Strombolian, Plinian, Hawaiian, Pelean, Vulcanian