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~ The Zodiac Constellations ~

NOTE: The Zodiac constellations are those constellations that are located

along the "Ecliptic" ( path of the sun ) on the Celestial Sphere.

The Celestial Sphere:

An imaginary bubble that surrounds Earth,

onto which star positions are painted.

The Twelve Original (Traditional) Zodiac Constellations

The 12 Traditional Zodiac Symbols:

What is your traditional ZODIAC birth sign?

( Find your birthday in the chart below. )

( Your astrological HOROSCOPE is based on your Zodiac sign. )

Aquarius the Water Bearer ( January 20 - February 18 )
Pisces the Fish ( February 19 - March 20 )
Aries the Ram ( March 21 - April 19 )
Taurus the Bull ( April 20 - May 20 )
Gemini the Twins ( May 21 - June 20 )
Cancer the Crab ( June 21 - July 22 )
Leo the Lion ( July 23 - August 22 )
Virgo the Maiden ( August 23 - September 22 )
Libra the Scales ( September 23 - October 22 )
Scorpio the Scorpion ( October 23 - November 21 )
Sagittarius the Archer ( November 22 - December 21 )
Capricorn the Sea Goat ( December 22 - January 19 )

The Twelve Traditional Zodiac Characters:

A Zodiac Personality Trait Chart

Aquarius Independent, Perceptive, Intellectual
Aries Energetic, Assertive, Leader, Aggressive
Cancer Introverted, Emotional, Sensitive, Moody
Capricorn Disciplined, Rigid, Practical, Ambitious
Gemini Flexible, Restless, Communicative, Logical
Leo Ambitious, Extroverted, Proud, Confident
Libra Idealistic, Peacemaker, Gracious, Charming
Pisces Serious, Sympathetic, Artistic, Imaginative
Sagittarius Casual, Friendly, Enthusiastic, Honest
Scorpio Intense, Determined, Powerful, Mysterious
Taurus Determined, Cautious, Conservative
Virgo Practical, Responsible, Sensible, Critical

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What is your new "revised" ZODIAC birth sign?

( Revised in the year 2011 due to changes in the position of Earth's axis )

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The 13 Revised Zodiac Signs:

Capricorn: Jan. 20 - Feb. 16

Aquarius: Feb. 16 - March 11

Pisces: March 11 - April 18

Aries: April 18 - May 13

Taurus: May 13 - June 21

Gemini: June 21 - July 20

Cancer: July 20 - August 10

Leo: August 10 - September 16

Virgo: September 16 - October 30

Libra: October 30 - November 23

Scorpio: November 23 - November 29

*Ophiuchus: November 29 - December 17

Sagittarius: December 17 - January 20


Below: Ophiuchus* ( The forgotten Zodiac character )

Click here: Ophiuchus the Serpent Bearer

Revised Zodiac Personality Trait Chart

Ophiuchus Wise, Honest, Judgemental, Jealous, Secretive

Note: Ophiuchus is considered the 13th unofficial zodiac constellation.

(Ophiuchus was Imhotep, an ancient Egyptian healer who lived during the 27th century BCE.)

The Medical Alert Symbol (caduceus) originated with Ophiuchus.

Note: Only two (2) constellations were named after actual, historical people.

( Ophiuchus, and Coma Berenices )

Queen Berenice II of Egypt was married to King Ptolemy III,

who went off to fight in the Syrian war in 243 BCE.

She vowed to sacrifice her long, braid of blonde hair if her husband returned from battle.

He did return, and so she sacrificed her hair, and left it on the altar for Aphrodite.

But, the next day, her hair was missing from the temple...

Birthstones by Month:



a forecast of a person's future,

typically including circumstances of fate,

based on the relative position of the stars and planets

at the time of that person's birth.


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The brance of SCIENCE that deals with celestial objects,

space and the physical universe as a whole.

FYI: ( celestial = space )


The study of the movements and positions of celestial objects,

which are interpreted as having an influence

on human affairs and the natural world.


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The Chinese Zodiac:



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Artist Ai Weiwei's Constellation Animal Head Statues

What is your lucky animal?

Find your birth year in the chart below:

The Five Elements:

Fire, Earth, Metal, Water, Wood

What is your lucky birth year element?

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~ Happy Chinese New Year on February 19th, 2015 ~

Year of the Green Female Wood Goat / Sheep


Chinese Lunar New Year 2014:

( Year of the Wood Horse )

Above: Moon Cakes for the Chinese Harvest Moon Festival

~ Other Cultures ~

Above: Mayan Pyramid (Temple to the Sun)

Above: Aztec Solar Zodiac Calendar

Above and Below: Stonehenge, England (solar zodiac calendar)

Click here: America's Stonehenge